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Welcome to case converter online tool

Our online case converter seamlessly switches text between uppercase, lower case, and sentence case - making formatting easy. Instantly transform text to fix caps lock mistakes, properly format titles, or clean up text. Then copy the newly formatted result straight to your documents, emails, or websites with one click. Using our straightforward case converter saves you time on manual editing. Change case effortlessly for instant text transformations anytime, anywhere.

How to Convert Case Online?

Our intuitive case converter tool enables seamless transition between sentence case, lower case, and uppercase text formats within seconds. This case converter uses state-of-the-art algorithms to instantly transform your text. Here's who you use Handy Tools case converter online.

  1. Paste or type your text

    To use our case converter online, just paste or type your text into the input box

  2. Choose the case style

    Choose the case style you wish to change the text to and click the necessary button.

  3. Get your case converted

    Highlight and copy the new text or click the 'Copy to Clipboard' button.... Perfect!

Our Online Case Converter Options...

The Handy Tools online case converter easily switches text between uppercase, lower case, and sentence case. Quickly fix formatting mistakes or convert cases while writing essays and documents. Saves time on projects by effortlessly transforming text case with a click. Here are the case converting options we offer…

Benefits of our Convert Case Online?

An online case converter is a handy tool for quickly changing text case. It can fix issues like accidental all caps from enabling Caps Lock. Whether you need to reformat a mistyped message or style text for consistency, this tool makes it easy. Keep our case converter bookmarked for instant text transformations anytime.