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Cap Converter Sentence Case

Sentence case converter and caps converter tool can change any sentence into the correct format.

A sentence case involves capitalising the first letter of the first word of a sentence. Including capitalisation the first letter of any proper nouns and certain other types of words. Using lowercase for all other words and characters. So the first letter after every full stop is automatically converted into a capital letter.

Sentence case is used in virtually all publications. Sentence case, also known as “down style” or “reference style”, is the standard form for headlines.

To apply the sentence case converter to your text, simply:

  1. Type or paste the text you want to change into the box.
  2. Press the “Sentence case” button.
  3. Your text will instantly be changed.
  4. Press the "Copy To Clipboard" button or select and copy your converted text.

You should use sentence case when writing articles, books, reports, webpages, and other works in reference list entries, even if title case was used in the original work.

There is no limit on how much text you can convert via the HandyTools sentence case converter. Sentence case looks cleaner and provides consistence across lots of text. This consistence is guaranteed with the HandyTools sentence case converter.

The HandyTools sentence case converter can be added to your browser’s bookmarks.