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Capitalisation Title Case

Title case, otherwise know as capital case, is a style that is traditionally used for the titles of books, movies, songs, plays, and other works. In title case, the first letter of every word is capitalised.

Title case or capital case is often used for headlines as well, for example, in newspapers, essays, and blogs, and is therefore also known as headline style.

The HandyTools title case converter will automatically convert the starting letter of every word into an uppercase letter and will leave the remaining letters as lowercase. Making sure your titles or headlines use proper capitalisation rules according to various style guides

To apply the title case converter to your text, simply:

  1. Type or paste the text you want to change into the box.
  2. Press the “Title Case” button.
  3. Your text will instantly be changed.
  4. Press the "Copy To Clipboard" button or select and copy your converted text.

The tool automatically changes case and ensures you do not lose any content you've expended time and energy creating. If there is any kind of “case error” in the text created, correcting the error is as simple as copying the text into the input area of the tool and and pressing a button.